And it happened…

Each wednesday, there is a sportive activity for students and professors at the gymnasium of the Health campus. Last week, it was badminton, one of my favorite sport! I decided to show that professors can still beat students even they are older. Indeed, this sportive session was memorable… 🙂 I teamed with Etienne; we won our first round of matches and were leading in the second one when suddenly, my Achilles tendon broke! Not in a crazy move but just like that : boom! Then, I tested the Canadian emergency for the first time, got my surgery 2 days after to repair the total rupture of my tendon and now I have two new best friends: my iWalk free and my crutches!

Moral: let’s talk about aging! 😉


The doctor just confirmed: total rupture of my right Achilles tendon…
My new best friends: my iWalk free and my crutches !

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