Symposium – Department of Biochemistry

The 25th edition of the Symposium of the Department of Biochemistry took place today. This year, our guest speaker was Dr. Brian Wilhelm who spoke about his work on pediatric leukemias. As a jury member, I also had the pleasure of listening and evaluating the talks of our graduate students who were presenting the results of their research projects.

Congratulations to our 4 winners, who have won a travel award for the best presentations:

  • 1st prize: Gabrielle Deschamps-Francoeur (Michelle Scott lab)
  • 2nd prize: Fanny Thuriot (Sébastien Lévesque lab)
  • 3rd prize: Philia Bouchard-Bourelle (Michelle Scott lab) and Yann Vanrobaeys (François Bachand lab)


The jury and the awardees